Blockchain games you can play and win DEC, HIVE, BCH and other crypto


I am not that much into games, I lose interest easily - as soon as I figure out how the game works - but I occasionally like to play, and I found a few games that might interest others.

Splinterlands (DEC, & others)

Win in card strategy game and collect DEC (HIVE). I play this one the most often.

Blockchain Poker (BCH & others)

You can play cards and win real rewards.I relaly forgot how to play poker so I had to remind myself.

Kryptogamers (HIVE)

This page offers an entire collection of the little games that you can play.

Hive Slot Games (HIVE)

Pretty much a luck game with various bonuses. Doubling your HIVE is rather easy, but don't get carried away.